This Varied Landscape

When I think of Mexico, I tend to think of a vivid, tropical landscape.  So, it surprised me to see as many cactus in the natural environment as I have.  Of course, it shouldn’t have… knowing the importance of cactus in the Mexican diet…  Nopales, Tunas, Tequila and Mezcal.


The variety of these succulents is amazing, and I marvel at the intricate shapes and the nuances in their coloration.  They are a true work of art.


A large cactus garden fills an empty lot between us and our nearest neighbors.  Lovingly cared for and enjoyed every bit as much as the showy Bougainvillea and intricate Bird of Paradise.


The grey-green of the Agave cactus is one of my favorites.  Its dramatic leaves occasionally twist and turn.  They play an important role in my plan for a rooftop garden, along side olive trees (of the same grey-green color) and a brilliant tropical flower for contrast.


But until my rooftop garden is a reality, I’ll continue to enjoy this new and varied landscape growing naturally around me.




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