The Adventure Begins!

Finally, we feel like we live in San Miguel. We got the pesky part of buying/selling homes, packing and moving, and getting a new house set up, out of the way and we can now begin to experience life in this beautiful place.

Of course, many people would say that the move was part of the adventure. And, indeed, it was totally absorbing, but it is not the kind of bothersome details that I like to dwell on.  (But, if any of you are considering the move to San Miguel and would like to ask questions, ask away. I can truly say that asking questions of the expatriate community has made the transition much easier!)

We are still very much in the discovery stage.  We wake up not knowing what the day will hold for us.  I have an endless list of things that I want to do, so finding an interesting diversion is not an challenge.  It all still feels very new and very decadent.

While simply not working in a corporate environment may seem like a vacation to many of us, if you add a glorious climate, spectacular color and an interesting and diverse community to the mix, you have the makings of a wonderful lifestyle. I look forward to taking it all in over the next few years. And I promise to be more consistent in sharing my experiences!


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