About Me

I still remember the first time I set foot on foreign soil.  It was a life changer for me.

{Well, being half American and half Canadian, I’m not counting the frequent visits to Canada as I was growing up.  But I digress…}

I was twenty-two.  I had set out on a European vacation with the man I would later marry.  I only half expected to enjoy it.  I never expected to love it, and I never would have guessed that it would change my perception forever.

I remember the smell as much as the scene.  As we came up from the tube into London, the aroma of diesel was my first sense of the bustling city.  And soon my other senses were engulfed as well.

It was only England, you may say.  How culturally different could that be?  I was surprised.  The history was everywhere.  And, bottom line, I returned to the US knowing for the first time that the world didn’t revolve around us.

Since that first trip, I’ve had many opportunities to travel internationally.  Europe, Latin America, the Far East.  I’ve loved every one of them.  This blog is a venue for delving into the color and culture of the world around me.

I also hope this blog will provide news and insight to those who love San Miguel and can’t get enough of it for themselves.  I’ve included some pages with resources for those of you who may be searching, like we are, for an idyllic spot to relocate.


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