La Fabrica Aurora

I could write about the weather in San Miguel all day. It is glorious. And the ideal climate is certainly one of the main motivations for many people who decide to move here. It is not, however, a very interesting blog topic. Suffice to say that we seldom step outside without marveling at the fresh breeze and warming sunshine.

La Aurora door

Yesterday, we went to La Fabrica Aurora, which was once a muslin textile factory. It’s transformation into a campus for art galleries and restaurants was an inspired use of this handsome old building. Paintings, sculptures, home decor, pottery, handbags, clothing and antiques were all represented and coexisted neatly in this sleek, yet old, setting.

Lunch at Cafe Aurora pleased all of our senses… the food had a wonderfully fresh appeal, while the outdoor setting allowed us to enjoy the sights, sounds and smells of this lively local.


Such a pleasant way to spend an afternoon. I look forward to many more leisurely lunches here!





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