Dreaming in Spanish…

As I anticipate our stay in San Miguel, I find myself thinking back on the times when we lived in Mexico many years ago.

It was amazing on so many levels.

We went there not knowing what to expect, and were prepared to adapt to our vision of the worse case scenario: two gringos never quite fitting in to the culture around us, and relying only on each other, as we left our friends and family behind.

What we experienced could not have been more contrary.  If we had prepared ourselves for then worst, then we surely must have experienced the best.  The people were warm and welcoming, and the expatriate community provided more  – and better – friends than we could ever have hoped for.   Many years later, we still have those friends and contacts.

And, of course, the country itself was filled with a history and beauty that charmed us.

Over the next few posts, I will try to capture some of the moments that we remember so well, which form a backdrop that leads us up to this new adventure.



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