Bella Idioma

The Spanish language is beautiful.  The roll of the tongue. The softness. The structure.

Just sixteen refresher classes still leaves me a long way to go to really be able to converse, but I’m enjoying the challenge.  Already I can appreciate that the language has its own personality and conveys much about the Mexican culture.  I look forward to uncovering those personality nuances much as you would peel an onion.  Poco a poco.

Courtesy is built into the very structure of the language.  It is evident that respect is an important element of life here and embedded in the culture.  It is taught in every home from a very young age. Observing some basic niceties goes a long way in building relationships here in Mexico — with the construction workers next door, and the grocery store employees, and new acquaintances.

Let’s face it, wouldn’t the world be a nicer place if we all recognized the fact we are deserving of respect regardless of our position, our job or our family?  We don’t need to learn a new language to appreciate that.



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