Mental preparation for a cultural change

We have been contemplating a permanent move to Mexico for a few months now.

At first, it was a passionate “yes!” and we quickly began creating a mental list of all that would have to be done.  But as time moved on, our urgency subsided.  We were locked into a timeframe for a visit, and we couldn’t rush the clock, so we forced ourselves to  not jump too far ahead.

But now, our visit is at hand, and I am wondering if we have spent the appropriate amount of time preparing ourselves mentally for the culture shift.

We lived in Mexico before and thoroughly enjoyed it.  But it was not without plenty of adjusting.  Will we remember how to adapt to the little nuisances?  Will we be able to not let the change in pace frustrate us?  Will we be able to focus on the beauty and not the occasional unruly garden, unkept lot or the half-built house?  Will poverty be too visible for our comfort?

Mexico can be a little rough around the edges, and I hope that we remember to quickly look past that and see, again, the warmth of the people, the vibrance of the culture and the glorious climate and landscape.  And to pick up where we left off, loving our life in Mexico.



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