Star glow

Beautiful family traditions

Mexico is filled with deep penetrating colors, sparkly lights and glowing candles.  A rich watercolor for the senses.

But one of the warmest characteristics of the culture is the bond of family.

During our time living in Mexico City, we celebrated each New Year’s Eve by gathering with expatriate friends in the festive setting of La Hacienda de los Morales.

As you might expect from the name, La Hacienda de los Morales is a restaurant in a grand hacienda setting. The sprawling mansion provided numerous venues for welcoming in the New Year.

The ballroom setting that we selected was filled with tables for large parties.  Tuxes and gowns were the dress of the evening.  Uninterrupted music was guaranteed as various musical groups took the stage, one after the other.  The traditional meal was incredible.  And the drinks flowed.

But the most memorable part of our New Year’s Eve celebrations was the almost intimate look at the loving family bond.  Long tables were filled with animated chatter and a beautiful exchange between multi generations.  The dance floor was a kaleidoscope of couples — parents, teens, grandparents, and wonderful combinations of every age group.

At the acceptable hour of 2:00 am, the young adults kissed their parents and grandparents goodnight, and went on to parties of their own.

The rest of us lingered… to savor the glow of this magical evening and to welcome the  new year in true Mexican fashion.



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